Increasing my brain capacity so that silly research projects no longer need to be funded

Increasing my brain capacity so that silly research projects no longer need to be funded

I have been on many plane rides recently and I never sleep. Thus, I watch a lot of movies and television shows on my flights. I never go to the movie theatres anymore (unlike many other Hispanics) so my on-flight viewing patterns actually helps me stay in touch with popular culture. That, and my In Touch Magazine.

Ok. So I recently caught the movie Lucy.  It was a ho-hum movie. However, again, that old idea that we only use 10% of our brains was front and center. By the way, that is not true. However, that is a discussion for another time. Wait, let me qualify that last statement.   Humans can, and many do, use more than 10% of their brain.  You wouldn’t it know it though by watching people at the shopping mall, your workplace or on your flights.

In the movie “Lucy” Scarlett Johannsson’s character is made to, eventually use 100% of her brain capacity. [spoiler alert next sentence]. This increase in the usage of her brain,  leads to her disintegrating.  With that serving as a PSA, of sorts, would you really want to use your full brain’s capacity?   In many cases, ignorance is truly bliss.

What if you could increase your brain capacity what would you use this enhanced mind for?  Come up with a solution to cancer, poverty, world-hunger?  Of course! That should be a given. I hope. What about using that extra brain power to address all research proposals that set out to answer silly questions? Hmm?

Ok, Today I am spending a big chunk of time reviewing research proposals. There are all good in some way or form. However, I just was looking at an on-line news application on my IPAD and I came across a study about how powerful people eat sloppily.  Hmm. You know what? I don’t care. How does such a study help the world? I know, I know. Not everything has to aim for a noble world cause. There is information for information sake.

I suppose that as a result of this study, I should bring an extra bib with me if I should ever get a chance to eat with Bill Clinton, Bill gates or Bill Murray. I suppose that I already have enough warning about Bill Cosby to not ever accept a dinner-part invite. I guess if I ever invite a powerful person to my house, I will have the small vacuum cleaner ready to go. I am so glad that research got funded.

I suppose I am a bit snarky today.  However, it just gets me that certain things get funded while others do not.  Besides , I readily admit it did rub me the wrong way how they describe messy eaters since I am totally one of those that has bread crumbs all over my shirt and  tomato sauce all over my face. You know why? Because I enjoy my food. As does my six year old. I suppose it may just end up being a powerful leader some day since he talk with his mouth full and you can tell what he ate by looking at his face.

That’s science, baby!
have a great weekend.

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  1. Ha! This made me giggle 🙂 Every time I read “studies have shown…” I immediately think of: 1.the person who came up with this idea; 2. the person who thought it’ll be a great and very beneficial study and agreed to do it; 3. the process of the study; 4. the people who agreed to participate… In most cases it’s a very funny picture in my head 🙂


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