No symbolophobia here: The love of convergence and symbolism in the coming year

No symbolophobia here: The love of convergence


Tis the season for magical thinking, believing in miracles and wielding grand hopes for the future.  After a relatively hard year, I have come to believe that everything is coming together. In some ways I believe in kismet. In other ways, I believe I am the owner of my own destiny.   As such, I am a longstanding product of hope, perseverance and destiny. I believe in hidden meanings of small and large events. I believe in the power of symbols. I believe in karma. I believe in me. It all comes together to push me forward.

There is a rarely known phobia called symbolophobia where individuals are afraid of figurative and symbolic ideas.  I am not so sure how many people are really diagnosed with this. However, I can see that there is some of this in many people in everyday life.  some people are afraid of searching and finding the everyday symbols in life that help guide one onto a new path.

For me, I love convergence and symbolism.   As such, I believe that convergence in my psychological star alignment will bring me divergence. I have been waiting for December 15th with grand anticipation for several weeks. I believed it was going to be a day where my psychological stars would align and map out a path for me. Indeed it did. Although, nothing is as simple as one would hope. Psychological star alignment is fussy, erratic and clouded in deep mystery whose meaning must be deciphered by bearing down into one’s soul.

In history December 15th has a dark past entailing many military battles. It also had some bright spots. Prohibition was officially repealed on December 15th 1933 in the United States. Considering that I love my mojitos that was a good thing.

December 15th for me was a big deal in my mental alignment.  It came and it stirred up a hornet’s nest of emotions and decisions to be made.  I wish my mom was still alive to help guide me. Not that she would necessarily come up with an answer. She would advise me based on her latest superstition belief which would drive me nuts until I stepped back and remember that she had always given me flexibility to chose the right path. And for the most part, I have. She believed I knew what I had to do and how to do it. She thought I was the smartest person in the universe.  She had a great belief that I was destined for grand things in life and that I had the will power to make them happen. So, she never out up barriers to me reaching my goals. She scrapped what little money she could so that I could get on that path.

In her honor, I must continue to reach for the stars.  I cannot let myself or others stop that path towards fulfillment. Convergence. I must listen and follow that alignment for it means something.  When the stars align what do you do? Do you ignore it or listen and take those grand steps?

This coming year, will be a year of change.  That I am sure of as all my life paths converge into one forward movement.


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