Loving hands exploring the world

Loving hands exploring the world

There is one month left to till the end of the year.   Deep-seated nostalgia takes root. Remembrance of trips, happy moments and lessons learned from throughout the year.

Combing through some old photos, made me think of how quickly my little boy is growing. Photos of him exploring the world as a toddler make me want to see the world through his eyes and hands even more.

His little hands pointed at statues and notes things that seemed quite extraordinary-even when he was just pointing at the fat pigeons taking in more bread crumbs than their little mouths could handle.


His joints reach for the bamboo shoots


Art throughout history has always taken grand care of the hands and body joints in sculpture of old. Hands -grand and small-guide us.

SONY DSC IMG_0051 IMG_0117

I take his hand in my mind and together we explore

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  1. Mimi, you have captured some really nice gesturing with hands. What possibilities exist while studying hands. When you begin to look at them, hands talk loudly and do expose the inner thoughts.
    It would be fascinating to just view a pair of hands for a whole day to see what actions they take.B


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