Lucky star wishes were once grand: Today I just want the snow to go away and be in Candyland

Lucky star wishes were once grand: Today I just want the snow to go away and be in Candyland

I was young when Madonna came out with the song Lucky Star. I remember all the young girls around me singing away to the lyrics at recess.  Looking back, I am pretty sure that all the young girls around me, myself included, didn’t quite know that the song was a way to juxtapose the male body with the “heavenly stars” in the sky.  We were all caught up on the “star light, star bright” hook.  It was somewhat the first time I would think about wishing upon a star. In the South Bronx, the heavenly stars just didn’t shine as brightly as in other places.  We all wondered where the stars were that so many would sing about them and year to wish upon them.

Years later, I recall getting my acceptance letter to boarding school and being super excited. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone.   However, as I read the letter out loud to my mother she just stared at me with her eyes getting larger and larger with fear. I was talking about leaving her and I didn’t get that she was afraid of me growing up so quickly.  It took several days of persuasion and a letter writing campaign to convince her to let me go away.   Those moments were a time of great prayers and star wishes. I really wanted to go away. I wanted to better my lot in life and that was the only way I saw of doing it.  My wishes then were to get to go away to boarding school, to fit in and to do grand things as a result of that opportunity.   My dreams and wishes, looking back, were so grand at one time.

Benches covered in snow

Benches covered in snow

Fast forward a couple of decades and here I am working from home hoping that I can fast-forward through winter.   I stare out the window and the snow is fiercely blowing across my yard.  There is well over a foot of snow on top of my patio table.  This is probably the fifth or so snow day for my son’s school. I’m typing away furiously before the power goes out. The snow looks beautiful, heavenly even. At least in the back yard. Out on the streets it is one slushy icky mess.  This winter has been cruel. I know others may have it worse in terms of the cold, wintry mix, but my body has reached a point that it just automatically hunches over in the morning walk.

bigger backyard

If I could get three wishes today, the day before love and chocolates take over, I would wish for an end to this crazy winter.  Let’s have a normal winter where it occasionally snows and hovers around the 30 degree mark. That is not a grand wish. It is a wish rooted in trying to get through the next few days.  Since I am stuck  working from home days on end, I would wish for better television shows that dare take on the non-stop Olympics coverage.   When I was younger (around the days of Madonna’s lucky star music), I loved watching the Olympics coverage.  Now, I am kind of over it.  I just cannot get into watching a luge race on television.  Once the snow/rain mix stopped, I would wish that all the accumulated snow would turn into fields of cotton candy.  How awesome would it be if the streets of New York became one big candy land that we get to traipse across.

bigger backyard

Yes, a long time ago I wish for grand things.  Today I wish for an end to snow and for a candy land oasis.

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