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Heartbreak Avalanche

Your love should have been an oasis

But I was no savior

And you’re rage was cold


Idyllic walks up the hills

Were nothing but handful of bitter pills

And slippery slopes


There was no steadiness

Just a constant fear of sudden rumblings

Waiting for the inevitable scold


Seemingly sunny days

Lulled one into a mirage of mirth

But the rapid snow flow swallowed me whole


Disoriented, punching against the haze

Desperately seeking an air pocket in the wet earth

These heartened triggers did not console


There were no search parties

For no alarms were sounded

Alone, alone one had to be bold


Through the ice storms

A reservoir of resilience needed to be built

But the consecutive avalanches took hold


This avalanche love tempest

Has run its course

And the hand holds still in the cold, moist ground



As a result of a couple of heartbreaking, gut wrenching news stories that I just read, I am posting this poem.  In Arizona, a few days ago, a boy was recently murdered by his father with an axe because his father thought his son was taken over by demons. In Michigan, a 27-year old Iranian woman was allegedly brutally murdered by her husband and her family, still in Iran, could not come to the hospital before she was taken off the ventilator.  So, her family in Iran watched on a laptop computer as she died in a Michigan hospital. Just heartbreaking, all around.

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