Happy Birthday Mom

Happy birthday mom!

Today you would have been 68 years old. I can’t help but think about what you are doing now.


I hope that you are enjoying a good Blake poem, listening to your favorite country western music and watching your favorite horror movie from high above in the heavens.


You are probably eating a little debbie snack cake with some rice, beans and tostones; while you sip your triguenito coffee.


I hope when you look down on your girls, who miss you much, you know we are doing all we can to make you proud. We keep striving for higher and higher and to be good mothers like you were. The fact that we have reached such high feats in life after being raised in such a tough South Bronx neighborhood is in large part due to you, your dedication to us and your countless sacrifices for us.

I hope you are finally getting some time for yourself and that you are at peace.




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