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The Day After Superstorm Sandy: A Note to my Future Self

Dear future me:
Today, October 30-the day after frankenstorm, I am hunkered down in the local library’s children section surrounded by stir-crazy kiddies, glazed-eyed adults and strewn-about power cords. Everyone watching that percentage icon on their electronics. My nails are bitten down to the core, my belly is filled to the max with coffee and my eyes are beyond itchy.

I can’t help but think I could have been in a nice hotel room with fluffy pillows watching non-stop news coverage (I’m an admitted news junkie). But instead, I am typing away furiously on my small smartphone keyboard, checking in with staff, answering emails and trying to figure out whether to open the office tommorrow. Believe it or not, I think some staff would appreciate having a place to go to and shate battle (storm) stories. People will feel the need to vent and perhaps share a cocktail or two. I believe hurricane drinks are in order.

So, future me, pay heed: if a storm is being referred to as as Frankenstorm GET OUT beforehand. The whistling winds up against the windows you are sleeping near are haunting and deafening. The dancing trees that are swaying to the wind whistles are actually not that firmly rooted. They can and will fall down. Sadly, several towns away saw two children die when a tree fell on their house. That image, that thought, that fact is frightening.

Future me, if you decide not to leave beforehand there are some key things to do in anticipation:
1. Learn to use an axe…to help cut down trees (there is no The Shining reference here).
2. Get a library card so you can use their wifi and computer stations to lessen the finger cramps.
3. Buy a DVD player that lasts six hours…enough said.
4. Leave an out-of-office automated reply that says: “seriously? You may have heard that we are in the middle of a hurricane….”
5. Make sure you have all sorts of juices to mix with the liquor that you stock up on beforehand.
6. In that vein, do not, DO NOT, go grocery shopping beforehand. Duh, that food will spoil. If you foolishly insist on grocery shopping prepared to eat everything in one sitting.
7. Practice going to the bathroom in the dark. In general, a good skill set to have.


8. Save all your account numbers and passwords in a ziplock bag.
9. Set up your social media accounts to automatically send out random odd messages.
10. Buy a good luck charm, say a prayer to the Gods, and knock on wood.

Future me: keep your sense of humor and optimism. Many have suffered, but many will get by with a liitle help and resiliency – the New York way. You didnt grown up in the South Bronx for nothing. You can


weather any storm that comes your way (just plan ahead a little bit).


I welcome your thoughts

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