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Hello Monday, Here I come

Hello Monday. Here I come. Here I am. Here I go. What’s the come depends on what fails to show up. Packed calendar. Hungry eyes. Ravenous stomach. Starving for a reprieve. Well, starving for a good day to start off the week. One Monday after another. The Monday […]

What a moron!

This past week we saw Dr Fauci testify several times before congress. Interestingly, he brought “receipts” to the sessions. I’m not going into those receipts and arguments. I’m here to focus on his hot mic comment. Dr. Anthony Fauci lost his temper when Sen. Roger Marshall, accused him […]

The Friday Blahs

We have all heard, in some way, about the Monday blahs. There are songs about hating Mondays or about Mondays being manic. Mondays can make or break a week. They set the tone. In that same vein, we supposedly collectively look forward to Fridays. The end of the […]