Category: Psychology

No fizz in my bath bomb

When I first started writing this piece, I mistakenly titled it “no fizz in my barb”. I looked at it and winced. I wondered whether subconsciously I thought I was losing my snark. My wit. My comebacks. I’m usually very fast on the draw. But my head is […]

The sheep’s roar

Quiet and whimpering Shaved and used A mind abused But watch out The little sheep seems predictable But don’t say we didn’t warn you about the indictable We can only guess what’s coming next for it won’t be explicable Not a fool for spool It’s searching for the […]

At Milan, turn left

Dreams dreams, and dreams. Swaying palm trees and dancing spaceship rockets. Dreams are all the rage these days. A strange interconnection amongst us all. Last night I had a dream where the gatekeeper repeatedly said “at Milan, turn left”. In my dream, I did not reach Milan. Although, […]