Do not let the behavior or opinions of others destroy your inner peacе

How have you adapted to the changes brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic?

The pandemic messed with all of us. To put it plainly. People acted out differently, but they acted out. Some sheltered within their minds. Others became even more boisterous.

When the pandemic first hit, I was distraught. I worked in healthcare and had a huge task before me. One that not everyone understood. Not one that everyone appreciated. Many still don’t appreciate the enormous lift. And, for a while, that bothered me. I let the disrespectful and unforgiving behaviors and thoughts of others steal the joy I should have felt from some of the accomplishments. I figured everyone was distraught and in some form of pain.

However, what I have come to fully realize is that we all were in some form of pain. And, as such crappy behaviors by others because of their pain didn’t mean we had to ignore our own or squelch our joy.

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    “What’s left to say?
    These prayers ain’t working anymore
    Every word shot down in flames
    What’s left to do with these broken pieces on the floor?
    I’m losing my voice calling on ‘you’
    ‘Cause I’ve been shaking
    I’ve been bending backwards till I’m broke
    Watching all these dreams go up in smoke
    Let beauty come out of ashes
    Let beauty come out of ashes
    And when I pray to God all I ask is
    Can beauty come out of ashes?”
    From Celine Dion and “Ashes”
    i’d Already Been to ‘That Place’
    Before The Pandemic Came 66 Months
    of Shut-in Life With The Worst Pain Known
    To Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia
    From Wake to Sleep “The Real Assessed Suicide Disease
    GOD YES No Drug Would Touch my Mother Didn’t Believe
    It Was the Worst Pain So She Ordered a Book on the “Crucifixion
    Of Jesus” Took It Out of the Package Started Reading A Random Page
    She Opened to And Just Like “DarK Synchronicity” Surely i Would Have
    Had Chills Up and Down my Spine if i Was Capable of ‘Frisson’ Then As
    After About 30 Seconds or So She Got to the Part of the Page of Exceptions
    That Stated Clearly Trigeminal Neuralgia is Assessed As Worse than the
    3 to 9 Hours Jesus Was Suggested to Have Endured on the Cross Until
    His Flame Went Out True 66 Months Was a Bit Longer Indeed With
    A Life Threat of 18 Other Medical Disorders in Synergy as Well
    What ‘They’ Call in General “Autism Burn-Out” Or “General
    Adaptation Syndrome” Per Hans Selye’s Explanation of
    What Happens When Any Animal Exhausts its
    Limitations of No Longer Attaining
    Animal Homeostasis However
    Humans Will Go Past
    Limits Other Animals
    Will Just Not Do Oh The Will
    of HeLL and Heaven And The Tween
    Humans Will Surely Do And Yes i Went way too
    Far off into the BLacK Abyss Almost Never Coming
    Back By The Hair Gone of my Last Drop of Hope And
    Even the Memory of A Smile Yes As the Pandemic Came i Had Some
    Idea of How Humans Will Change Shut-in They Will Lose Some of their
    Humanity And at Best Finally Find An Opportunity to Seek and Find
    A Deeper More Holistic Part of their Soul Beyond The Owning
    of Materially Reducing Reality And Forgetting to Put iT All
    Back ToGeTHeR Again Indeed The Health Care Field
    A Battlefield For Even Heroes then Yet in the
    Field of Humanity At Large And on WordPress More
    Specifically Poetry of Soul Rose Like Ballads of War in Ukraine
    There May Never Be Another Era For Beauty Coming Out of Ashes
    That Way Surely in my Lifetime at Least Yet It’s True in Poetic Response
    i Wrote it All Down Melding With the Souls of The World Doing Their Best
    to Come
    Out of Ashes
    With New Beauty
    Never Seen and Felt Before
    And Now “Normal” Has Returned
    Yet The Age Old Question of Humanity
    In “Fifth Avenue Killing Fields” of Course
    Is What Makes Normal And What Makes Humanity Real
    Oddly Enough Yet Sadly
    Not Really As A Pandemic
    Created More Humanity
    in Some Cases And In Others Not
    So Goes The Human Potential Capable
    of Rising Out of Ashes or Falling into The Fires of Ignorance Most
    The Human Pandemic Truly Responsible For the Most Taking Hoarding
    And Callously Harming, Raping, Maiming, And Killing Us And The Rest of Nature
    Oh To Apocalypse
    in The Original Greek
    Definition of Lifting The
    Veils of the Ashes oF iGNoRaNCE
    iNDeeD Far From Destruction of Ignorance Indeed…
    Meanwhile The “Killing Fields of 5th Avenue” Do Not Sleep…
    Sadly Enough
    Symptom of the
    Whole Human Condition True
    In And Out of the Ashes That Return And Go Backwards…
    Yet Never the Less What A Fascinating Era to Observe
    What’s Going
    Down and
    With SMiLes…:)
    Oh Yeah And What Was the
    Response of my Mother After
    She Read That Page It Really Didn’t
    Matter How much She Loved me
    She Loved The Story of Jesus More
    And That Was Okay it Brought Her
    Great Comfort in Her Ending Days…
    Fortunately i Regained my Humanity
    To Truly Breathe Her During Her Last Days on Earth…
    i Still Do Yet i Shall Breathe More For All And Not Just a Select chosen few….


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