He always wants to play

I think, for the most part, dogs are super excited by this massive quarantine. My dog is no exception. He is happy that his humans are around and he can just bounce from one to the other. He saunters around as if he owns the place. And, he does. I believe pets are to be pampered. And, part of that is allowing them to believe they are the kings of the world.

My dear dog is a funny one when it comes to being around me. My previous dog loved me for sure and he was a fluffy gorgeous thing. But he liked to lie on my lap – he was a pekingese afterall- and occasionally run around with me. My new dog is different.

From the second I wake up to the time I go to sleep, he wants to play. I believe that if my arms could take throwing his toy 1,000 tines in a row he would run after it each time. He doesn’t tire. He is quite a wonder. However, it also goes beyond just being a playful dog.

Whenever and wherever he sees me, he must play with me. Or rather, he demands I play with him. He does this to no one else. Yes, he plays with others. And, a lot. However, he seems to think that my main role is to throw his toy. I am the one that he consistently, no matter what, asks to throw his toy. When it comes to me, he’s got a one-track mind. I can only shake my head and laugh. It’s heartwarming, actually. I am happy that a living creature sees me and gets such joy. That he sees me and thinks his next few minutes are bound to be happy energetic ones. My dog brings joy. That’s a given. And, I bring him joy as well. Not a bad relationship to have.

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  1. My dog’s going to have tough time when things get back to normal. He’s come to believe it’s an outrageous affront on those rare occasions when we leave the house.


  2. SMiLes.. Our Pets We Domesticate Teach Us At Best
    to Be Human Even Better Nature the Nature of Play
    is Nature Free.. Sadly the Metaphor of ‘Right Brained’
    Human Sidewalks Takes that away in Prison Desks
    of Quiet Hands And Feet of Church and School
    And Increasingly Home and Work Now
    Where Home Work Becomes
    Sidewalks More than
    Free Play
    A Flesh and
    Blood Move And
    Repose Move and Repose of
    Life.. Where Play Is Always A
    New Move A New Song of Fresh
    Living Breath.. In The Dance Halls
    Of Life Still Breathing Free Age is
    Truly Assessed by the New of
    Moves one Creates one
    Plays as the Breath
    of Nature Free..
    Strange Things Humans
    Do Beyond Taking Away Breath
    With Sidewalks of Life Imprisoning
    Even Nature God in Books Sunk Deep
    A Millstone Not Allowed to Breathe a New
    Play of Life But of Course God Dog and Cat
    God Still Breathes unless We take that domesticated
    Away from them too Wild and Free.. Smiles the Inside Cat
    We inherited Spoon-Fed Life Without Play Stopped playing well
    Before We Met Him.. And by the Age of 8 no longer had any Desire
    or Ability to Jump upon a Table to Play for His Food for the Death of
    Play in Spirit Eventually took away His Ability to Lift Himself up to a Litter Box at 10…
    The Feral Cat Who Lived 10 Years with Feline Leukemia Played until His Dying
    He Lived
    That Cat Taught
    Me Life Saving Play..
    Even the Smallest of Creatures
    Who Play are massively more Intelligent
    than the Largest Humans Who Forget to Breathe….
    And as Far as Symbols of God i See God more as
    the ‘CERN Dancing Shiva’.. Elegant And Complete Play Breathes Free.


  3. Dogs are the best! We make life complicated, and sometimes we need a dog to remind us of the simple joys of just hanging out together or playing fetch with a toy 🙂


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