It was time to step out of the funk and recharge the whimsy

She needed it desperately so. She needed to recharge her whimsy. Most people didn’t undetstand that. But here they did. Whimsy is what kept her going. She was rather low and could feel herself slipping away. Turning her into one of those staid office workers. And that just couldn’t be her.

She understood her power and had vowed to help others as much as possible. But people were draining her whimsy in rather quick fashion. She went in and sat at her usual booth. The wall talked to her and brought her energy back up. The waiter brought her the special broth and she drank it till she felt her feet tingle. She stood up on her seat and sang and sang and others joined in. It turned into a grand musical spilling out onto the street. It was time to step out of the funk.

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