A huggable avocado: That’s my son

I love the month of May. It’s my month and I’ll do with it what I want to. Namely, work, sleep and binge-watch. Also, laugh. Lots of laughter. It is truly the best thing ever. But I’m not here to talk about laughing. I’m here to talk about the true best thing ever: my son. I haven’t raved about him in a while. Meaning, yesterday was the last time. I love saying how great he is. And, yes every mother does that. And, that is totally cool and acceptable.

Because of my baby I get to celebrate during two back-to-back weekends. He is the reason for everything. Of course, he was a bit hilarious when he realized he had to get me two gifts: one for my birthday and the other for Mother’s day. I did tell him he was my gift and he seemed to run with that. However, he did give me a very silly, yet adorable gift. As I am back on the road a lot now, and I am often quite cold, he got my a warmer. An avocado-shaped body warmer.

I looked at the gift and thought it was one of the silliest things ever. But I got it. He wanted me to be warm. He didn’t want me to feel alone. The avocado was to be my son-substitute. Of course, nothing can be his substitute. He is unique and my baby. But it’s nice to know I can hug a silly heatable avocado. Who wouldn’t want that. Ah, mother’s day is divine and I am a lucky mama.

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  1. Without Further Adieu Happy Mother’s Day
    PM.. It’s True Mothers
    Make Little Boys
    Men Who are
    Who Treat
    Women With
    Respect as Fathers
    Do Too But only
    If they Let
    Their Sons
    Smile all the time
    When they are Happy
    And Cry When they
    Are Sad.. i Live In
    The Deep South
    My Father Left
    At 3.. Sadly i feel
    Sorry for so many
    Of the Other Boys
    Whose Fathers stayed
    As Do their Girl Friends
    And Wives Now too…
    For Emotions
    Free As HeART
    All that
    Is Joy
    Love and
    Warm Comfort
    As Security in
    Arms Who
    Felt the Real
    Strength of a
    Mother’s SMiLe
    And Touch where
    Replace ‘Guns’
    The Guns
    Smiles and Tears..:)


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