She would give them all the words, feelings, and blood that they needed


The moon was her strength and it was driving her forward.  The city streets were quite as they should be. There was a mandatory curfew in place.   Even most of the window blinds were drawn. No one really wanted to be touched by the light of the moon. But she reveled in it as it was the closest heavenly body to earth. Mostly all was quiet. However, she could hear the hamsters spinning aggressively  in their wheels. She wanted to ease their disquieted beings but she had to stay focused. She was there on a mission as dictated by Thoth. Magic was dwindling and the world would cry without knowing why. The days had been dark and fear was the driving force keeping everything static. Even the television sets just hummed white noise. Radio was all they had left. But she would bring light once she set it all right. She saw the steps to the underground and fixated on them. The others were there already. She could hear that they were thinking. She would give them all the words, feelings, and blood that they needed. She was going to free their heavy hearts and angry minds. Tonight the moon ruled.


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  1. Love how you included Thoth
    And Magic in Your Response
    To the Prompt interestingly
    In the Thoth’s Emerald Tablet
    Spiraling Dance
    Is Spoken
    To for
    Ascending and
    Transcending the
    Ordinary World Now
    To connect to Magic
    Where the Unknown
    Becomes Known i Read
    That after i Already Experiened
    It Yes Now Magic May only be as
    Far away
    As Three
    A Spiraling Dance!!..:)


  2. Oh, I like this. You leave so much mystery in there that I want to know more! Thank you so much for taking up the prompt and sharing your story. I can’t wait to reblog it. Happy Writing!


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