She felt cold whispers behind her shoulder

It had been one of those days. Every time she went to the restroom, she felt an odd presence. The toilet flushed oddly as if it were a person gurgling.  She even wondered whether there was someone in there. It was a creepy thought to have each day.  She had to leave and get some fresh air.

As she walked down the city streets, she felt cold whispers behind her shoulder.  She would turn but there was no one there. Or at least no one she could outright see. The whispers got louder and she stopped mid-block. She looked behind her again. Then she looked up. What was that?  She was being spied upon. She was being called back in and she really didn’t want to go back. It was just a dark abyss to avoid.   It was time to run. She leisurely kept walking to the end of the block. Once she reached the corner she turned and ran as fast her legs could take her and then some.

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