I guess the file cabinet is coming with me

I tried repeatedly to get rid of my tired, old file cabinet. I have had it and held onto it from move to move. Have had it for over ten years. But I tire of its broken down, scratched-up look. I tire of holding onto papers that should have been shredded years ago. The file cabinet just made it easy to be a hoarder. It was time to rid my life of the cabinet. It wasn’t personal. It was just a need to create some space. Out onto the sidewalk the cabinet went. But no one took it off the grass. It was free but no one wanted to hoard more stuff. The tent went. The ottoman went. The broken cafe table went. The cabinet stayed. Rain came. Rare rain. Yet it fell. Was going to throw it in the overfilled garbage can. But never got to it. Then it was in the moving truck. It had made its way on board and I didn’t notice until it was waving and wildly grinning. It was settled in with all the cool items. I guess it was coming with me afterall.

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  1. Sneaky. Maybe you just need to clean out the drawers a bit. I saved two shorties – they hold up the piece of kitchen counter that is my desktop – and give me a place now to store only the true essentials. All the big ones went.


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