Venom wasn’t as venomous and a parasite can be your friend

This year was the year movies made a comeback in my world. I don’t know where the box office stands overall for the year. I don’t know whether or not it’s been a marquee year. But for me, this was the year of the movie. It was the year, or rather still is the year where, I went back to enjoying the cinematic experience. Thus far, I have caught 18 movies and gave a few still I’m really looking forward to seeing.

Many of the films I caught this were either a sequel or part of some known comics or book universe. And, for many of those in turn, I was not familiar with the backstory. Fortunately, most of the time I was able to not only follow along but I was able to enjoy the experience. And, that holds for Venom.

I had no idea who the Venom character was when I went to see the movie. I chose the film as a treat for my son who did well at school. He, unlike myself, researched the movie beforehand. He was even ready for the post-credits scene. I love that my ten year old son researches movies. I don’t recall doing any type of background research on movies when I was his age. What a world we live in. Everything is changing so drastically day by day.

As for the Venom movie, I had read some bad reviews of the film. I went in expecting it to be really, really bad. Yet, I liked it. Sure, it had some plot holes and sporadic character development. But the action scenes were great and I needed to understand why some called this a buddy film. Then I came to understand symbiotes. To think, one can become friends with a parasite. While that may be cool in terms of acquring superhero powers, I do not ever wish to be friends with a parasite. I got one a few years back when I returned from Australia, and that parasite was never meant to be my friend. In the movie, a lot of different people were taken over by a parasite but most died. Why Tom Hardy’s character melded well with venom is a mystery. Can’t be body size. Nor attitudes or sense of humor. But perhaps that is why it worked. This was like one of those buddy cop movies but both mis-matched characters are tied into one body. Maybe they could have done that with the Lethal Weapon television show and in the process they could gave avoided all the on-set drama.

Anyway, I can’t readily explain why I liked the film as it was at times incoherent. It may well have been the action scenes and the buddy aspect. Mis-matched police partners seems to always work in the movies. Now, is this a great movie? No. Is it good? Eh. My son really liked it. He is a ten year old. So, take his two thumbs up with that context in mind.

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  1. This is quite a positive review of venom…encouraging enough for me to watch it 🙂 i have watched 17 movies this year and still hung up on Hereditary.


  2. no puedo opinar de la peli, pero si del comic, y es la antitesis a espiderman, y a mi me gusta mas, es menos ñoño, mas real, mas visceral, no el ser atormentado de espiderman, cuando la vea te digo


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