My crunchy neck

Two years ago, after I returned from my South Africa trip, my knees were torn and I did close to 50 physical therapy sessions. Yes, I had great health care coverage as they offered even more sessions. I loved those sessions not so much for the physical therapy itself, but more so for the chats. I would just chat up the staff about everything under the sun from music to movies to healthcare. And it served a much deeper role than physical therapy. And, I needed it. So much so, that I now crave physical therapy sessions.

During my last physical therapy session, my therapist mentioned that I had a very crunchy neck. I laughed. Then I asked her what she meant by that. Apparently, my neck is very tight which causes weird pains down my arm. As of a result, my neck makes these cracking sounds every so often. Oddly, I sometimes want to hear my neck crack. It’s an oddly pleasing sound that reminds me of all the tensions and stressors in my life and that I need to remember to let it go. But please don’t sing that Frozen song to me. I am not a big fan of that song even if the message is a good one. Nonetheless, the crunch and crack of my neck is a good reminder of how I need to step up and step in to a better space.

I know the crazy crunchiness is not a great sign. But I am going to do my special exercises to address that. And, I am going to use each crunch to remind myself to better myself.

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