Beloved NYC: How many more times will I say hello as well as goodbye?

This morning I woke up singing that Michelle Branch song “Goodbye to You.”  It was a song that I first heard on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Which, by the way, is in my top five ever favorite shows.   I know that the name of the show, and the movie that preceded it, made many believe that the show was not a good one. But, trust me, it was excellent.  It was witty, biting, and insightful. Anyway, that song came at a crucial moment in the show and stayed with me. I don’t ever really play it on my iPod.   But today it was on my mind.

I was thinking of New York and how many times I have said goodbye to it. I also was thinking about how many more times I will say goodbye to it as well as hello.  To say that I miss my beloved New York is an understatement of epic proportions. I am craving a trip back. But even a trip may not cure my nostalgia. The question is what shall I do about how much I miss my New York? More trips can help, I am sure. Viewing more films about New York may be able to help. Making constant references to New York to everyone I speak to out here may help me but maybe annoy others. But that last part is ok with me.  I love to be a brand ambasssador of sorts for New York.

When people first meet me out here they say that I do not seem like the stereotypical New Yorker. I have more of a mid-western (non-there) accent. I laugh, smile and am generally nice. But so are millions of other New Yorkers. But once people get to know me better they learn how I am a pizza purist who feels only New York pizza is true pizza. I’m also one of those who doesn’t flinch at walking two miles. I miss that so much, by the way.  I hate being stuck in a car out here.


But back to where I am headed with thsi bit. sooner or later, I must say hello again. Question is will I then say goodbye yet again?




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