Just like the royal wedding I like things a bit saucy


Ok. I don’t like things just a little bit saucy. I like things very saucy. I am a big foodie and the majority of the foods that I really love, are wet and juicy. They are saucy.  Just today at the lunch cafeteria, I was super excited because I asked for and got a ton of sauce over my chicken and rice.  It is the small things in life that keep me going with a smile. I even did a sauce dance at the counter that made all the cafeteria employees smile. Apparently, they look forward to seeing me each day as I tend to brighten up their day. They can tell when I have had a bad morning because I am not super chipper and am rather ho-hum about the food. See even when the food doesn’t really excite me, I still give them a big cheer. I imagine it must be a little nice to have someone come in and thank them for a good job.   Wouldn’t it be awesome if every job, at random points in the day, were like that?   I suppose that is why someone recently described me as very warm and approachable.   Thus, it does vex me at times when I hear someone say or think something negative about me. I try not to emit negativity but some people are nothing but negativity.   Some haters are just going to hate. But I have super digressed and I rather be positive.


I like saucy food. I believe I already mentioned that. I digressed so far and wide I needed to restate the original premise.  I was reminded of my fondness of sauciness this past weekend while I was watching the Royal Wedding. I was readily amused by how much commentary there was as to how there were all these touches that highlighted a departure from past royal weddings. I mean, I actually loved it.   I watched multiple bits of coverage about the wedding. I even delayed by a day going to see DeadPool 2.   That is how into the wedding I ws. Also, I love Deadpool which shows my type of humor and maybe says I am not too much a sentimalist. Thus, the fact that I liked this wedding says a lot. About what I don’t know.  With all that noted, the wedding commentary was a bit saucy in noting how “saucy” the wedding was.


Now, according to the urban dictionary saucy can mean either bold and lively, cheeky, or irreverent. In terms of the royal wedding, both the coverage and the wedding itself covered all three meanings and more. There was much debate around the American Bishop’s sermon. Many were sadddned that the princesses didn’t wear outreagous hats.  Everyone is a critic and there’s no pleasing everyone.   Anyway, it was saucy.


Now, back to food. It very well could be that I am so saucy myself because I like saucy foods or it could be vice versa. Perhaps it is just a spurious correlation.  Either way, I like foods that are wet and yummy. I like foods that may require a spoon. I like foods that seem comforting.  And, I think that last bit is key for me. I love food. I rather enjoy a good meal. And to me it is not just about eating at a fancy restaurant. To me, it is about soothing my belly, mind and soul. And, sauce does that for me. See, I had a point after all. Guve me more sauce I exclaim!

I end here now as I pause and reflect on how much fun I had writing about my fondness of saucy foods.   Let’s keep it saucy, food, weddings, commentary and all!

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  1. We could all use a bit more sauciness in life, both in our food and in our day-to-day happenings. I love spicy food myself, particularly Mexican and Indian foods. Though I did recently have something called a shishito pepper. It nearly made me cry, it was so hot. But I had the afterglow for quite some time afterward. 🙂 If only all afterglows could last so long!


  2. Sauciness definitely is a good quality most of the time. Too saucy means soggy, though, in more ways than one.

    I loved the wedding. Everything about it. The only thing that annoyed me, and this has nothing to do with the festivities themselves, was the comparison between Kate’s gown seven years ago, and Meghan’s. They’re two women each with her own individual style and tastes. The comments were so catty, like the sisters in law are in competition. Irritating.


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