A quake here and there make for an off-kilter wall and frame of mind


Look, I do not relish the thought of a major earthquake occurring in California.   Just like the majority of Californians, it scares me. I look at all the new high-rises that are being built in Los Angeles, with a teeny bit of anxiety.  Supposedly, these new buildings can withstand large, powerful earthquakes. But who is to say until that moment comes? With that said, I do laugh a little at those that live in other states that start texting, tweeting or Facebooking about California earthquakes. Some write with such glee. Why would they do that? It’s beyond me.  Anyway, I laugh a little because everyday and every hour there are earthquakes.  You can’t worry about all the small ones. Although, if there are too many small ones very quickly you do start to worry. Got it?


Here is the really funny part about this all for me. I am a New Yorker and I live like a New Yorker in Los Angeles.  I lived in one of those new high-rises.   I still do not drive. I eat out all the time. And, my home furnishings are those of a New Yorker.   What do I mean by that? That is a good question in that I have been told that now repeatedly by some guests who have come over to my home here in Los Angeles.   I have artwork after art piece all throughout my walls and shelves.  It is like a mini-museum here. And yes, I admit that I need to secure them better. One of these days, maybe after I take down my Christmas tree, I will do so.


In my bathroom I have some silly old college and travel posters.  Whenever I shower I get a laugh as my frames are all off-kilter. They are hanging crookedly no matter how often I straighten them out.  This one silly frame is that of Cary Grant’s character running through the fields from a plane in the movie North By Northwest.  The film, in case you haven’t seen it, is about a New York advertising executive who is believed to be a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is as a result pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive.  It is a classic suspenseful Hitchcock film that also tends to make me laugh. It is a great film by Hitchcock that I think can capture how many of us may feel from time to time or after a night out on the town with one too many mojitos.   The tiny daily earthquakes in California just add to the appeal of such a poster in the bathroom. It is a great way to start to day. It is great. at times, to laugh at some off-kilter ambiance in one’s life. And then exhale and keep running.


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