Even though I may need to use bumpers, I rather be hanging out with my son

I love to travel, eat out and drink mojitos. That is not my profile. It is just a life philosophy for me. It is not a bad philosophy, mind you. As I go out on travel, I love having my son with me. Seeing the world through his eyes is a grand honor. When I eat out I love having him there even when he is watching an iPad. I try to introduce him to all sorts of cuisines even if I have to bribe him to taste things.

On most days, I rather be hanging out with my son. At night, I love watching television shows together with him discussing the plot points. For a nine year old he is rather opinionated and somewhat well informed. He cracks me up, for sure.

Just this past week, we went bowling again. He loves bowling as he is rather good. I, on the other hand, am rather bad. Really bad. At first we got his turn set up with bumpers but we have come to realize that he really doesn’t need it. I, on the other hand, do need bumpers. Do you know what bumpers are? Bumpers are usually for young children in which the gutters of the bowling lane are covered and allow balls to bounce off the gutter so that they stay in the lane. Or something like that. I can most certainly use bumpers even walking in real life. I am a bit non-linear in my walking patterns. I was most embarrassed in my bowling throws. But, I hung in there for my little boy. Although, admittedly, towards the end I let him take my turns. As a result, my score improved dramatically. And, that is my boy. I am such a lucky mother. He is loving, funny, interesting, and makes me look good.

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  1. “Bumpers are usually for young children” – I would like to disagree here, as I’d never manage to hold my temper without bumpers as I am absolutely horrific at bowling! I do love it though but haven’t been in absolutely ages, so I’d love to go again before my next op as otherwise it’ll be longer still before I can go. I’m glad you two managed to enjoy another game =]


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