mental health

Time to give into the kiss of the spider



Her anxiety level was at an all time high. She had just taken two Valium yet her nerves continued to be frayed. She needed relief. She took a sip of her drink. It coated her throat nicely. It soothed her mind even more. 



@sarahs spider web

She steeled herself against the kitchen counter. It felt cold despite how feverish she was. 
She marched towards the window and waited.  And waited.  She waited a total of five hours or was it months? 
Then the time came. 
He stepped out from the web, into the sink and onto the floor. 

His outstretched hands grabbed her cold yet feverish fingers.  Every seven years this was the best night of her life. Why did she fall for this life? Maybe it was time to give in to the kiss of the spider and become one. 

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