I’ll do it myself…and have fun

Sometimes you can learn a few things from a dog. No, scratch that. You can learn a lot from a dog. I am the type of person that is open to feedback and is looking for new learning opportunities. I don’t like standing still. Although, I most assuredly like to still be standing. That’s a wink to Elton john.

I think Elton John has a few great hits that can get you through a few trying times here and there. Ain’t that right Tiny Dancer?

But back to my lovely dog. Well, I started off by talking about dogs in general. But this post is specifically about my fur baby. You know how proud fur mamas are.


My awesome dog Winston loves attention. He has to be with a family member at all times. He likes scratches, walks on the street, and all types of meals. Most of all he loves to play. He is joyful, although he has a set of beautiful sad eyes. Just the other night, there were two earthquakes in Los Angeles within two hours of each other. I went downstairs for the second one as that was slightly larger.   It was 1:30am. I came down the stairs and Winston was up in an instant and was ready to play. It was dark. Everyone was sleeping. But he went right up to me, with his wagging tail, with a squeaky toy in mouth.  I had to tell him that was not the right time to play. He seemed quite saddened by it. I went back up slightly amused. It doesn’t matter what time of day it is, he is always ready for an adventure.


Something that he has started doing has us totally amused. We may all be trying to work and involved in reading, writing or arithmetic. Yet, he wants to play. We tell him to wait for a few minutes until one of us is done. You know what he has taken to doing?   He plays by himself. And, it is not just a squeak here or there. It is a full on jumping fest. He throws the toy himself and leaps to get it and leaps into the air throwing the toy back up. He then catches it and rolls onto the floor. He can do this mega activity for ten or fifteen minutes straight.


I have to say I admire that attitude.   Of course, we want to play with him. However, the fact that he just goes ahead and does it himself and enjoys it, is amazing.   Wouldn’t it be awesome if everyone did things with such initiative and zeal?  I’m beginning to think he can be a great work dog. Bring him to various offices throughout the city and have him inspire people to have fun. I think he would greatly enjoy that.   Let’s see what develops in the future.


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