Police reported ahead 

As a New Yorker, I’m used to scanning ahead. Let me explain myself. I walk everywhere in New York. I walk because I love walking. If you have never walked in New York, do so. Put it on your bucket list of things to do while still on this earth.
Growing up walking throughout the city, made me a particularly vigilant person. I always walked trying to be aware of my surroundings. Even up to three blocks ahead.  I would scan the environment. While New York is the safest large city in the US, it is still important to scan and note any irregularities.
I have taken that New York skill set and transferred it well to my new location of Los Angeles. I’ve noticed that not many Angelinos engage in such a behavior. So many walk around here completely oblivious to everything around them. Do you know how many people I’ve seen nearly hit by a car because they just were in their own private La La Land? It’s an obscene amount. There’s no street scanning here.
What they do instead is scan on the freeway for police activity. On the local news you have what’s called a sig alert wherein drivers (commuters-which is everyone) are warned of severe bottlenecks often caused by a car crash or car chase.

While on the freeway many tend to use a phone app called waze which helps people get across the citu more quickly based on real-time traffic information. One thing that gives me a chuckle is when it notes out loud “red-lght camera spotted agead” or “police activity ahead.”  Waze consists of real time information since you can input in the moment what you are seeing and experiencing.  People are scanning for cops! Or for cameras that might catch you running a red light.

It amazes me how we prioritize these scans. It certainly indicates we are collectively engaged in doing something wrong. We know it and want to get away with it. Thus, we slow down just a bit when passing the area we were warned may have a cop nearby. We stop at the yellow so as to not get that red light ticket. We don’t particularly care for the laws; seeking the help of fellow drivers to follow those laws in a set instance. Then we go back off on our merry speeding way.

Now as adults we have technology such as waze to help us get away with things. In a way, we are regressing. Little kids and teens will test the boundaries parents set. We reach adulthood learning ostensibly to finally be accountable and responsible. Yet we use gadgets to regress. Imagine if our kids could have an app that alerted them as to the best time of the day to get away with something. Or alerted them as to when we were about to enter the room. It’s probably a technology that is not too far away.

What signals are we sending to the youth of today and tomorrow?

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  1. I’m surprised that there aren’t more accidents but in Toronto pedestrian accidents have increased dramatically. I think that phones have a lot to do with this. People are more interested with what’s on their phones than their surroundings. It seems like younger people (under 50) are always looking down and are completely oblivious to to their environment. When our former mayor declared that the ‘war on cars’ was over it seemed to give some drivers permission to be even more aggressive and inconsiderate of pedestrians and cyclists. As you can see I am passionate about this topic. Look up, everybody. It’s a beautiful world out there, right in front of your noses. You don’t need to see it from your phone. Thanks for letting me rant. Carol


  2. Reblogged this on donnamccoy628 and commented:
    Usually when i write on your post my comment turns into a story but , if i may do so and add a comment to adress your story ~ The moral of the story is as i read your story and the attributes of everyday living in the social public atmosphere in concern of people’s well being and safety, my next statement is not written to be taken in the manner of speaking in a bold or in a rude way of my attitude – Sincerely with thee utmost deepest respect my comment reflects on the mannerisms of people need to take control of their own well being in every aspect of daily living in one’s life and use the basic fundamentals of basic logic of maturity will give you the right decision in positive thinking when safety issues come about ~ When we were all born our parents waited in the hospital room and then a nurse rolled you into the room and said best of wishes to the both of you ! As you proceeded to swaddle your baby in a receiving blanket and the parents get ready to take their new baby home the nurse assists the Mother some help to get into the wheelchair, the nurse places the baby in her arms out of the hospital room door as the proud Dad walks beside as they all take a stroll to the elevator then out to the car, as the nurse starts to turn the wheelchair around to bring it back in, and pauses for a moment and sends the parents of on their way, with the kind words of Congratulations with the best of wishes to the both of you for the birth of your new baby ~ The moral of the story is when you plan on having a child and the last stop that the parents make before their trip home is ~ Right there at the entrance to the hospital where you said your goodbyes to your nurse and she didn’t hand you a instruction blueprint manual book of how to take care of your new baby when you get it back home ~ Now there is a new beginning of being mature of self safety awareness that should be passed on to the child as it gets older for their child’s safety and well being, no technology safety devices needed ~ Because we are our own backbone of well being and safety in our lives pass the same standings of safety on too your child so as your child is getting older they are building that strong backbone of safety and well being in their own life.


  3. Hmm, people looking down and oblivious. This sounds like a great opportunity for visitors from outer space to visit Earth. They can easily descend, from their Mother Spacecraft orbiting Earth, in a small vehicle and land on any sidewalk. I don’t know if the color red is a universally known symbol for stop, but they’ll manage by vaporizing any cars that come too close to their bodies. This will be of great benefit because thinning out the car population will ease traffic. Containers are a better metric than are numerous objects within them. Cars and their license plates can more easily be seen from space, whereas face-recognition from space is problematic.


  4. I just returned from L.A., where I confirmed that the worst thing about living there (again) would be the thoughtless and inconsiderate drivers! I can’t get past the number of times that I feared for my life after observing the number of ridiculous risks taken by drivers around me. What was their hurry and what did they really expect to gain anyway?


  5. I’m a retired cop………EASY……I come in peace and speak only for myself. Drivers speeding, bad driving etc. Are a nightmare. But education is always the way forward, seldom does punishment work. I’m not saying the police should not have action plans to target drivers using mobile phones or speeders. These normal people, stressed with being late to collect the kids after work, not an excuse, but it is a reason. These drivers kill people. And many other ‘good’ people, make terrible mistakes. I just don’t like when a senior officer looking for promotion sends out cops to catch, identify, victimize drivers(you choose the verb) to boost figures. An officer is a member of the community who wears a uniform to serve a community. Too often this core role is usurped for internal and external political reasons. I feel a Michael Jackson song coming on about making a change. Just some personal thoughts. Everyone stay safe.


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