Things my mom would probably tweet me if she were alive: Is that a coquito?

I love Autumn. Its a time of great beauty, delicious food and vibrant colors. It’s also the time my mom was born and when I feel really nostalgic. Despite being a grown up woman with an eight year old boy, there are times when I still want my mommy. Thus, today I went in search of comfort food in Los Angeles and I found it. I ended up at a little restaurant called Mofongo that serves up Puerto Rican food.

The restaurant filled me with nostalgia as I ate, drank and looked around the room. There were Puerto Rican jibarito hats, artwork and smells. It was as if my my aunt had cooked us dinner. My mom, admitted, she was not the best cook. Her lack of cooking skills does not mean I won’t associate rice and beans with her.

As I sat there eating away, wishing my son would take a bigger interest in the food, I looked every now and then at my twitter feed. I had posted something on mixed religion families and someone had wished me a Feliz roshashana. I smiled and wondered what a twitter feed and conversation with my mother would look like.

This is what I imagined:

1. Mimi, give your mom a call. Hello are you there?
2. Mimi, are you sending me all these messages? I don’t recognize you.

3. Mimi, I saw your speech on computer. Stop biting your nails. I should have used more hot sauce.

4. Mimi, this is your mother. Carmen. This is your mother. Call me.

5. Mimi, I’m using your sister’s phone. I lost my phone again. Call me.

6. Mimi, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are divorcing. They were so beautiful. Que Pena.

7. Mimi, what is this #######

8. Mimi, can you move back to New York now.?

9. Mimi, your sister tells me others see these messages. Is she punking me?

10. Mimi, how is my big grandson? Call me.

11. Mimi, is that photo a Coquito?  You know I’ve never had a drop of alcohol ever. (Attempted sad emoji insert)

12. Mimi, are you writing about us?  You are not supposed to do that. Can you post one of my poems?

13. Mimi, I don’t understand anything you are writing about. Is this us?

14. Mimi, can you explain why ….

15. Mimi, James spader even though he is bald is very good looking. Can you introduce me to him since you are in Hollywood.

16. Mimi, do you have Tom Selleck’s address?

17. Mimi, is Madonna still singing like a virgin. You know that ain’t right.
Mom…call me or send me a text message through phone. Or email. Don’t tweet these things.

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  1. There’s an old (Irish, according to the web) saying

    “A son is a son till he takes him a wife, a daughter is a daughter all of her life.”

    Clearly the last part is true for both of us. Since I have no sons, I’ll look for your assessment on the truth of the first part!


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