How did I come home with a bottle of water?


I hate water. There I said it. Please don’t try to lecture me on how great water is and how much we, as humans, need water. I have heard it all before. I will just counter and counter some more any arguments you may have in favor of water. I find water tasteless. Duh. So it is. I found water, at times, to be nauseating. Yes, it’s true. I find water to not be able to quench my thirst.  When I am super thirsty from having shopped outside at the Outlets for over two hours in the blazing sun, water does not do it for me.  I can gulp it quickly so that I hydrate myself. However, I soon thereafter need to find my Coke Zero in order to (perhaps mentally) quench my thirst.

The more lectures I receive on the benefits of and need to drink water, the more entrenched I get in my anti-water position.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love water. I love water to soak in.  I love baths and hot tubs. Without water, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy such moments of zen. My body can happily soak in water through its skin. However, my body will not happily drink it. Although, I will readily note that the number one ingredient in a Coke Zero is water. Thus, I am getting my water.

Thus, because of my grand water dislike, I hardly ever buy water bottles -which is a good thing for the environment. I hardly ever drink water at an event or while I am giving a presentation. I bring my own soda to the podium. As a result of this psychological orientation of mine, I was quite shock when I arrived home from an event the other day. I opened up my handbag and found a small water bottle in it that had been sipped a tiny bit.


Was this my water bottle? Hw could it be? Then I remembered that I did grab a small water bottle since I wanted something to hold onto.  I had even opened the bottle and took a sip as I tried to think of small talk.  I got through the interaction, in part due to me being able to use my water as a way to keep quiet and not have to meet a ton of fake people.   Yes! For once I had a great purpose for drinking water.  Water had saved me from countless, mindless conversations. I suppose water wasn’t so bad after all.



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  1. Even though I know I should drink more water, I find myself disregarding that healthy advice. I, too, find it very boring. I keep some Crystal Light mixture in the fridge at all times, but even so, I forget to drink as often as I know I should. When I do remember to drink water, I drink down the glass of water as quickly as I can, so I can say, “There, I did my healthy thing and I’m done with it.”


  2. I don’t like socializing and engaging in boring conversations either. However I do enjoy drinking water. No I won’t lecture you. However, I will thank you for sharing this little trick to avoid those awkward social encounters. Thanks for this post! It was entertaining and informative.


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