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Binding the brain to desire

Aching teeth arching forward Gnashing another sugary cane The pain reverberates The longing is stronger Wanting the bad despite knowing what’s good Need a reason to swim shoreward Erase the sodded footprints from the plains The brain barrier will perforate Till it is no longer Wanting the bad […]

2014-10-24 21.26.06

From tipping point to trigger point

Despite it’s extremely “pop” nature, I liked Malcom Gladwell’s The Tipping Point. He is a fellow social psychologist. Yah! I have seen academic psychologists sneer at his type of writing but we all know that it is just deep-seated jealousy. For my dissertation, my co-chair is a pretty […]

pink what

What am I?

I’m odd and fuzzy Curly and straight Tired yet energized Skeptical but filled with faith Even-keeled and erratic Swimming yet still Ocean deep bobbing at the surface On display while hidden   Do you know who I am? Junniper Jasmine Jasione Jasper


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