bubble up

This week I achieved a sense of serenity dosed with a cold splash of water, a pointed epidural and some Propofol


One hit wonders in the workplace: From the delightful to the utter bore of slacktivism

twinkle 1

Excitedly awaiting the arrival of the new year for it will not be meek: Happy Chrismukkah


No symbolophobia here: The love of convergence and symbolism in the coming year


The sisterhood blogging award: How wonderful to be virtually connected to other females-if only was so in the workplace


Paying someone to take my junk away

Sugar in the Caymans

The search for authenticity: Does it matter if Kim Kardashian’s butt is real or not?

The Flat Iron Building As one crosses the street

The real deal about working from home: Pick your psychological poison

The colorful bird takes a step forward

I’ll always take a chance for I want it all

panama names etched in stone

A Lingering Presence: Admonitions, Names and Stones

try climbing out

This year has sucked: Let me count the “13th Warrior” ways in which it has


Don’t hate me because my life has always been about the power of gray and the allure of nuance


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