Soaring to New Heights Like the Birds in the open-land: But what does it mean?

2014-10-24 21.33.15

Born to be “Cousin It” and I’m cool like that


The Rear-View Mirror on the Road: Where Does your Soul Catch on Fire?


Trusting the Process while Standing still at the Crossroads


A New York Decade in the Making: Juggling the changing city sidewalks

The spiral

Don’t fear the belly button


My sister and me: Oil and water but love runs deep in the veins

2013-10-27 11.18.00 - Version 2

Just a cup of Java and a Side of Ginger

Part of the 12 apostles

A letter to Milo as we near Thanksgiving: His great day of apple pie feast

wheel eyes

The topsy turvyness of instructions these days: It is all for naught

down into the arena

Photo Descent into Travel Madness

wheel eyes

Tell me a lie: I will laugh with you as you mend


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