seguimos luchando

Clarice Starling, Indiana Jones and Buffy: living out their fanciful scenes in day to day life

Roman relic

Am I a relic for being at a place for ten years?


BS in the Workplace: The Psychology of a Hearty Laugh

Time Square-the other side of Grand Central

The psychology of an “easy button” vending machine in the workplace

20130706_130441_coconut drink

Proudly I note: A little bit of charm can go a long way in social justice efforts

seguimos luchando

High heels, neat hats, and a large desk with a commanding presence: My wish for dinner with Vigdís Finnbogadóttir


Blindsiding in the workplace: My longstanding pet peeve


The psychology of field (retreat) day: Sadness and joy at the mist

The Spam Museum in Austin, MN

Obsessed over what my spam email says about me… or not: I need a vacation


Fighting the man while still dancing with him


The psychology of when friendships go bad in the workplace


Unmasking my masks on the way up the ladders of success


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