Going the distance: Doing what it takes even if it is wacky and weird

Sugar in the Caymans

The search for authenticity: Does it matter if Kim Kardashian’s butt is real or not?

The colorful bird takes a step forward

I’ll always take a chance for I want it all


I’m Back With: Some Wacky Poor Choices


A ball drops on the eve of yesteryear

liquid marijuana

Longing for the simpler days of cooking a big meal while a (small) hurricane hit

wheel eyes

The topsy turvyness of instructions these days: It is all for naught


This Week’s Wacky, Weird News With a bit of stickiness, loonyness and extra flavor

through the wall window

Life is not fair, but it need not be filled with inequality


That hole wasn’t meant for that: This week’s wacky news in ten minutes

wheel hawaii

News from the weird: should we be walking around with our mouths wide open?

wheel eyes

Nomophobia on the weekend?


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