Stuck on a Langoliers-type flight: Tips for how to get through bad flights

AIDS 2014 Melbourne

A Container For the Collective MH17 Grief and Somber International AIDS Conference


Answer me this Grasshopper: why is there poop in the hallway?

Public Art in Hawaii

No Time For Procrastination: the Gates of Hades are Opening in Two Weeks

Water Foam Amelia island

Zombies in the Sea and Fish Arachnophobia: Not too sure I want to relive this past week

Tokyo Restaurant

Strawberry Moon, Green Puppies, and Lobster Tails in the Pants: Cause I’m Happy

eden rock hotel

Van Gogh’s ear is alive, whiskey may be no more: Don’t judge this week’s wacky news by its cover

Tokyo Restaurant

The patron saint of wackiness and calling it like it is: This week’s weird news

The birds

Breaking the silence: Axl Rose reins king and this week’s other wacky and weird news


Twisted graffiti doors in Panama City: Sealing the past and loving with abandon


The pentagon has a zombie survival guide and there’s cocaine in the toilet: This week’s wacky news


The helpfulness of swearing up a storm and using vibrating pills: This week’s weird news around the globe


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