the beach

The Five Second Rule and it’s Many Life Lessons


Answer me this Grasshopper: why is there poop in the hallway?

Public Art in Hawaii

No Time For Procrastination: the Gates of Hades are Opening in Two Weeks


Letting my sister evolve while still picturing her as a munchkin

Public art in Japan

You spin me round and round the world

cat staring me down

Soup, Cats, and Beach Towels: Fighting off Extreme Allergies While Traveling the World


I was in a meeting today where people said no: is that allowed?

A Monkey in Panama

Color me bitter, not really

Water Foam Amelia island

Zombies in the Sea and Fish Arachnophobia: Not too sure I want to relive this past week


Unexpected signs and encounters throughout a business travel roadtrip Down South


Photos from the Edge of Things as I Roadtrip Louisiana

Tokyo Restaurant

Strawberry Moon, Green Puppies, and Lobster Tails in the Pants: Cause I’m Happy


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