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photo fiction #12

Whose bubble was it?

Once upon a time she lived in a bubble.  Not a warm, fuzzy bubble like a Mayberry town. Once upon a time she lived in a dark, suffocating bubble that seemed like it would burst at any point. The temperature ran hot inside that bubble leaving one’s skin […]

Dreaming of cheetos

I have not had cheetos for more than a decade, I would say. I mean they leave behind orange stains and they most definitely don’t fit within my sophisticated palette. Then my son got into second grade and got a cheetos craving. While at the supermarket he randomly […]

Somethings gotta give

I have reached my wall Tired, more tired and then some My bones don’t know whether they are coming or going My mind can’t process anymore jibberish Into a ditch I will fall My face feverishly numb I am all but a drawing My qualms havs become cartoonish […]


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