Sugar in the Caymans

Winter is Coming: Where are the bright lights

through the wall window

Life is not fair, but it need not be filled with inequality


That hole wasn’t meant for that: This week’s wacky news in ten minutes


How to walk the city streets of New York


My six year old “Indiana Jones” son discovering Archeological signs in El Valle de Antón, Panama

wheel hawaii

News from the weird: should we be walking around with our mouths wide open?


How do we lean in if the glass ceiling still exists in most places?

A Monkey in Panama

When you ask an organ grinder for feedback you don’t want to hear from the monkey in the workplace

IMG_5434_pink house on prado

Abandoned Buildings Still Have Stories and Individuals Who Live in Them


Is there ever an elegant way to get out of a cab in New York City especially if going Commando?


Nine movies and many television shows in a fog of medication and a 20 hour flight

wheel eyes

The wheels go round and round in my manic head


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