The Flat Iron Building As one crosses the street

Seeing New York through the Photo Lens of Tourists

The colorful bird takes a step forward

A poor girl’s gratitude for the gifts of hand and of the moment

liquid marijuana

Two Nerds Girls Dressed in Pink in a Western Bar drinking some liquid marijuana


Let the Puerto Rican Superstition Be: I will not wear bobby pins to sleep tonight


Trick or Treat: Salary commensurate with experience


Someone came in: better flush the toilet

Sugar in the Caymans

I’m a cupcake girl: Full of whimsy, efficiency and style


This Week’s Wacky, Weird News With a bit of stickiness, loonyness and extra flavor

Sugar in the Caymans

Winter is Coming: Where are the bright lights

through the wall window

Life is not fair, but it need not be filled with inequality


That hole wasn’t meant for that: This week’s wacky news in ten minutes


How to walk the city streets of New York


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