There’s a monkey on my head and other animal travel tales


A Monkey in Panama

A Monkey in Panama


When I first started traveling to Puerto Rico a while ago on a more frequent basis, I was at first scared by the roaming pack of dogs. I would tense up and look for the quickest way to escape should I need to. I used to imagine that all the dogs were rabidly foaming at the mouth waiting to pounce on me. For the most part, I was wrong. I have since gotten used to the dogs that are more often than not just looking for some attention and a few food scraps. Now everywhere I go in the Caribbean, I come across dogs sniffing their way through the streets.


A dog in cuba

Besides the dogs in the Caribbean, I have also come across very ornery, put-upon cats.

cat staring me down


In my other travels I have found both grumpy and delightful animals that quite readily pose for the camera bringing grand smiles to me and my family.


Then there are the random animals one comes across while on the road or crossing the street.

Lastly, happy penguins are always a delight to observe and interact with. Quite majestic they are. Quite majestic indeed.