A twisted door in Panama City



In Panama City, graffiti is everywhere and it is quite informative and telling of where the public consciousnesses lies regarding certain key topics. Matters such as women’s rights, continued canal construction, and love are commented on through the art of graffiti.


In walking through the city streets, you come across much construction. High rises and skyscrapers dominating much of the new landscape.



However, there are two designated “old” parts of the city that serve to remind Panamanians of their past and history.   Those areas are awash in graffiti that acts as billboards of consciousness.


Many of the old buildings have sealed doors while those buildings await their fate. Will they be renovated or will they be demolished for something new to be put in its place? The graffiti in the building above serves to remind one that there used to be an entryway into the at building. that although sealed, there was a door into a building filled with life.  In a twist, the spelling of the word scrawled across the door above is “daor” which can be used to mean “slave.”  The building now serving the interests of the future and perhaps not the past.


Below is another door  graffiti set where there is an interesting somewhat imposing mustached entity with a phrase to the side that says “ama con locura siempre” [always love with wildness -craziness or with abandon].  The past may be sealed off and abandoned but you can continue to love with a different level of abandon.


always love with wildness

always love with wildness