Cee’s Odd Ball Photography Challenge: What is this creature out front the restaurant in Tokyo?

I love to travel the world with my son. It is a pure delight that luckily has never filled me with anxiety. He has been traveling from a very young age and almost always has behaved (very little crying or acting out) on the flights.  Ever since the age of three (well the past two years) I have handed him a camera and introduced him to the love of photography. Japan was the best place to try this new camera adventure out because they love children over there. Everywhere he went people stopped, tried to give him candy and pinch his chubby red cheeks. It didn’t hurt that he is very outgoing and feels the need to let everyone know his name along with its spelling.


As we walked the streets of Tokyo he took it all in through two sets of eyes- his eye and that of the camera. He was also very thoroughly sugared up. we were walking some back streets of Tokyo when we came across a very quiet street that had some interesting graphics and restaurants. He was absolutely fascinated by this restaurant. To a three year old, this eatery was truly odd. He wondered what was that creature in the front? Could this have been part of a horror movie or cartoon?  To see something through the eyes of a child is truly a precious moment.


Tokyo Restaurant: A child's eye captures an oddity

Tokyo Restaurant: A child’s eye captures an oddity