While traveling up in the air, staring down the fear in the window cloud reflection

As a nervous flyer, I usually ask for an aisle seat. The thought of a window seat scares me for two reasons. First, I do not like feeling trapped. On long flights, especially, it is most difficult if seated at the window to get up, stretch one’s legs and head to the restroom.  Second, by being seated at the window I am forced to see what could be wrong. Meaning, I have to face the thunderstorms and raging clouds and winds head on. This is all, of course, both literally and figuratively speaking.

I have been doing extensive business travel for the past ten years. Each flight instilled a higher level of fear. Once I gave birth, the fear within my chest swelled to even greater heights.

Lately, I have been seated in the window seat with greater frequency as I often get those last minute business/first class upgrades. As such, seat preferences fly out the window (sort of speak).  They have been seating me at the window. Thus, the irony of being upgrading. By getting a so-called perk, I’m forced to confront my fears my readily.

I could easily leave the window shades down and occasionally I do so. However, I have been pushing myself to leave the shades up. I have been staring down the fear in my reflection.

plane landing

Here is a photo that I took from my window seat as we were landing at Laguardia airport. I stared down at the beauty. The clouds in all their reflection look beautiful and whimsical. The soft rippling waters are calming and in we went for a soft landing.

Inspired by the weekly Photo Challenge: reflection

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