There must be a way to untie this bind
Yet the pull and ferocious tugs are to no avail
Hungrily frustrated, erratic and unrefined
Roaring like a wild, caged-up animal

Desperation begets gnawing
The coarse ties taste of bitterness, dirt and lies
Stop, pull back, and assess
Calm must set in to free up the mind’s eye

Gritted teeth will fall out if this madness continues
The hands can only massage what the cesspool emits
The cornered others are eerily quiet and settled
But the knotted mindstorm morphs into balled-up discarded rinds

There must be a way to untie this bind
Perhaps we shall feed the muscles the blind-rage milk
A change must come, for it beckons
Not willed, but forced and a deserved flaming-onslaught jagged quilt

The soul has noted the time has come
Strength will bleed dark red from the fingertips
The true-tongued mouth will untie the binds
And false narcissistic bobbleheads shall be mum forever more